Jackets // The Easiest Way To Change Your Look

“I could never pull that off,” is one of the most common comments I hear about my outfits, and most often my jackets. This is a comment I never understand because what makes me able to pull it off and you not? Nothing, I just put it on. That’s the only difference.

It used to freak me out putting on anything outside my comfort zone. I wore jean or leggings, and t-shirts or sweaters almost every day. It was easy and everybody wore it so I did not feel like I stood out.

But honestly how boring is that. The queen herself Anna Wintour coined the phrase “why fit in when you were born to stand out.” And if we can’t take advice from the editor in chief of Vogue, who can we?

She is beyond right. If you wanna live life in a sweater and leggings, do it. But if you want to try something new while still staying true to the style you’ve cultivated for yourself, let’s get started.

One of my favorite ways to try a new trend is with a jacket. While this might not be the most practical accessory in the summer it is great for trying something new. I suggest a jacket because you can take it off. If you’re not comfortable it is easily removed and a simpler outfit can speak for itself.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unhealthy relationship with jackets. I currently have an entire clothing rack dedicated to jackets in my closet and may need a new one soon, not that I have room for it but we’ll make it work.

Dramatic Jackets

Anyway, jackets, *heart eyes emoji* these can be one of the most expensive pieces in your wardrobe because there are a few that are staple pieces, but we will talk about that another day. For our intents and purposes today we will talk only of the outrageous and trendy.

I have created a few outfits with jackets that may be outside your comfort zone. But you will quickly see the with the right outfit that they’re as easy to wear as any other jacket.

Bell Sleeves

The bell sleeve is a beautiful feature on any jacket, but it adds an element of elegance to this beautiful tweed. This jacket’s bell sleeves are a great introduction because they are pretty small as far as bell sleeves go.

A tweed jacket can feel mature and outdated, even though they are a timeless piece that designers like Chanel fave been creating for decades. But it can still feel that way so by pairing it with more relaxed pieces it can be accessible for all to wear.

A graphic tee is a great way to add a more relaxed vibe to any outfit. The back t-shirt and strong belt keep the outfit from looking too tea time. Adding the beautiful marbled earrings and the embellished shoes tie back into the elegance, connecting the whole outfit together.

jan 31 2017 jackets 1


Tweed Bell Sleeve Sweater Jacket • Gucci Gucci-Print Cotton Tee, White • BDG Mom Jean • Anthropologie Christianne Flats • B-Low The Belt Frank Belt • Women’s Kate Spade New York Mini Small Square Semiprecious Stone Stud Earrings • Round-frame Gold-tone Sunglasses •

Velvet Bomber

Bombers have been in for the past few years, and for good reason. A bomber jacket adds a touch of athleisure to any outfit. I love this jacket because the dusty rose color is amazing. It is different without being ridiculous. It is subtle but stands out.

Bombers are comfortable and if you buy it oversized you can give the impression that you just borrowed it from a friend and threw it on without a second thought. Which is great because apparently, we all want to seem like we have it all with zero effort.

I would pair this with a simple turtleneck and a pair of crisp jeans to add a bit of structure to the look so you don’t get lost under the oversized jacket. The pop of blue in the shoe is another way to add a little something extra. But these shoes are understated so they are easy to wear. A long gold chain is the perfect finishing touch to add a touch of sparkle without add too much.

jan 31 2017 jackets 2


White Faux Fur

This is one interferes with one of those old fashion rules that says no white after labor day. Those rules are stupid. If you look good and feel good, then screw the idiotic rules set in a sexist time.

Anyway, white is clean and crisp and neutral. And there are few things more empowering than a good fake fur. Real fur is beautiful but this is guilt free.

They are also surprisingly warm for something that is clearly made for fashion, not function. I paired this beauty with an all black outfit because it always looks amazing. I finished if off with some easy boots and gold jewelry.

The great thing about a faux fur jacket is that it is so eye catching that you can keep the rest of your outfit simple.

TOMMYXGIGI Faux-Fur Jacket • Women’s Free People ‘Move Along’ Racerback Bodysuit • Express black high waisted distressed knee jean legging • Jeffrey Campbell Oshea Ankle Boot • Timex ‘Easy Reader’ Leather Strap WatchExpress short disc necklace • Elizabeth and James Northern Star Crossed Band Ring

It is as easy as a simple top, a good pair of pants, and a damn cool jacket. It can change up your wardrobe that easily. You will feel like a new person. And if you decide you hate it you can take it off but I doubt you will.

Once you feel the empowerment of standing out you will never go back. You will want to add a bit of flare to everything you wear and your Instagram will be fire. Trust me.

Let me know how you add flare to your wardrobe in the comments below.

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    I love this post! You write so well and I hear your voice coming through. I love jackets too. I might need you to style me a bit and get me into some new trends. Debby (you know the one). xo

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