Your Guide to Spring Shoes 2017

It may be February but Im going to be so mad if it goes back to being cold. I am already thinking about putting away my sweaters and winter boots. I am ready to break out the spring shoes. Everyone knows that wedges and Keds scream spring but why limit yourself to the classics. I am all about trying something new. There is a whole world of shoes that you never even thought you could wear. I talked all about it in Jackets // The Easiest Way To Change Your Look, how you can easily chance your entire look with something as simple as a jacket. But it’s approaching spring and jackets are not worn year round but shoes are.

Shoes are another great way to experiment. Shoes are all the way at the bottom of your outfit. They are just one little piece. (well I guess two) They have the power to set the tone for your entire look and you have the choice to let the rest of your outfit completely overpower them or chose a pair that will pop. And here at Pop Fizz Drink, we like anything that pops.

This spring there are some amazing new trends that will be everywhere in a matter of weeks. These trends sound scary only in name, they are all accessible for you, and everyone you know, to wear. So take a chance, pull it off, and own it. I also chose shoes that not only fit the trend but that will be wearable after the trend has left us. Trends are great but I think a piece should have wearibility after the trend has retired to the fashion achives.




This trend has been creeping into the fashion world for quite a while but this spring it will explode into the mainstream. This shoe trend is as versatile as any we’ve seen. The wrap comes in all kinds of shape, colors, fabrics, and thickness. No two shoes look alike. This trend is favored by the Kardashians. They are often seen wearing wrapped pumps and sandals. This trend is simple and maybe the easiest to wear.




Now, this might seem a little scarier but hear me out. A flatform is the coolest new shoe. Check any “it” girl’s Instagram and there will be a flatform I can guarantee it. It’s the easiest high heel that you will own. These are ideal for any college girl out running around bars. These are flat, yes they are a heel but you’re not teetering on a 1/4 in spike, you’re grooving on your whole foot.




“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestly a.k.a. Meryl Streep, in the Devil Wears Prada, was right, this is no new concept but it’s not something you see as much in shoes. I like the floral detailing on a show because it can add flare to an easy throw on outfit and we all know how much I love that. I like the way all of these shoes are beautifully patterned but none of them are too loud. None of them are too loud that they will pull the attention away from the rest of your outfit.

All the Rest



There are far too many amazing shoes that have been released for this spring for me to only mention those that fit the trends. One of the things I love the most about the fashion industry is that it works so well together. The way that trends and art work together to make pieces that are so individual to the designer and the buyer. This spring shoes range from flat to sky-high heels, from light and airy to strong and bold. Let your shoes be the foundation for your entire look.

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  1. Amanda says: Reply


    Awesome guide!!! Right now I am super obsessed with the wrapped shoes. They are gorgeous! The flatform seemed a little crazy, but they look much more comfortable. I’m a little nervous about if I’ll be able to rock them but it’s something to definitely consider for spring!


  2. DEB says: Reply


  3. Katie says: Reply

    I’m completely obessed with those Chinese laundry heels!

  4. Christine Mahood Gleason says: Reply

    I want the printed loafers, so cute!!

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