Italy Dreams and the Outfits That Go With Them

I have officially bought my ticket to go spend a week in Italy and I have never been more excited. At the beginning of May, I will be spending the week in the land of pasta, espresso. And the best part is I’m going to spend it with my best friend. Logan has been my best friend for since high school and is currently is frolicking around in Italy. She is getting the lay of the land and taking the great Instagram’s along the way. I can not wait to see the beauty of this new land with one of my favorite people.

Since I was watched Mary-Kate and Ashley run around the Italian cobblestone streets in “When in Rome” I have been dreaming about the day when I would get to do the same. And that day is here, well almost. In the meantime, I will be thinking about the outfits perfect for a trip around the Italian countryside or when things need a little European flare stateside. So come with me on my daydream tour that is coming true in a month and a half. But even if you’re not going to Europe this spring you can still enjoy the beauty of these outfits and piece and work them into your life for a little more Italian flare.







There is a reason that people flock to tourist traps, they are amazing structures and sights that have stood the test of time. Sightseeing is a full day event full of crowds, walking, and photos. I kept this outfit quite simple because you will take more than one good photo on a tourist day and you want to be able to Instagram them all without making it too obvious. I threw an oversized denim jacket on top. Layers are always a good idea on a full day and an oversized denim jacket is such a great piece that will only get better with age. For the long haul I choose a pair of superstars, these are comfortable and a simple classic. The scarf adds a little personalization to this simple look. While you may not be spending the day in Italy this outfit will look great exploring any city.


Wine Tasting

wine tasting italy





Sitting on a terrace while the sun sets sipping wine. It is an actual movie scene. I love this top from Revolve that I mentioned in my Spring 2017 Wishlist because off the shoulder is still so hot, the ruffles will be huge this spring, and it will look so romantic and fun at a wine tasting. Simple understated jewelry will keep the outfit relaxed but give it a little flare. Jean and wedges will be great for walking around the winery. And I just think the heart shaped sunglasses are the perfect little touch of whimsy and cool. There are winery’s everywhere but this outfit is also great for a girl’s night or a day date.


cafe sippin



Latte, cappuccino, espresso, si, si, si! Sitting in the Mediterranean sun sipping on hot coffee and taking everything in, this is literally all I have ever wanted and my dream is becoming a reality. In a crisp white top and some relaxed shorts will wear perfectly in the warm sunshine, simple accessories and a cute pair of booties are ideal for walking off the obviously implied pastries that I will be living off of for the week. Roll out of bed and throw this on for a cup of coffee or a summer brunch. This may be my favorite outfit, I love the classic feel of the white shirt and the relaxed comfort of distressed shorts.


italian days bars and clubs



If I know my best friend like I think I do then there will be many trips to bars throughout the week. The trouble with Italy (finding a problem with Italy is no easy feat) is that everything is cobblestone, what a first world problem. But it is terrible for heels, especially when you add a couple of drink into the mix. So for this, I kept the shoes low and a thick heel to keep you sturdy. I paired it with the fabulously feminine velvet wrap front dress. Lots of dainty jewelry add some wonder to this outfit and an easy over the crossbody is always a good idea for a night out. A dress that will look good in Florence, LA, or New York. A dress that will be amazing no matter where you are.

This is going to be a trip of a lifetime. Not many people get the chance to spend a week in a beautiful country with their best friend and I am feeling extremely blessed to have this opportunity. I can not wait to go and take a thousand photos and soak in every minute of it. I can’t wait to share it all with you and if you are as lucky as I and have been to Florence let me know if there is anything we have to try or anywhere I need to go. We can count down the days together!

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  1. Camela says: Reply

    Cute outfits, I love the bars and cafe ones ☺️
    I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your friend!

  2. Beth says: Reply

    Oooh, Italian fashion sounds wonderful! I’m so jeolous! Have a wonderful time 🙂

    Beth ||

  3. Taylor says: Reply

    What cute outfits! Love them!

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