Jewelry Gems, My Favorite Designers and Stores

Never let anyone dull your sparkle. Ever. But honey, there are many people that can add to your sparkle. For so long I was not a big jewelry girl. All through high school, there were girls with rings all over their hands and earrings all up their ears but I was never that into it. I always had little rose studs in my ears and that was about it. But things have changed, I’m a different woman now, I’ve grown and changed, I think for the better. And now I love using jewelry to enhance an outfit. I use jewelry to make an outfit better and that is what I think the purpose of jewelry should be.

I love jewelry now but sometimes it can be so hard to find good jewelry. It often feels like you are either paying thousands of dollars or ten. High-end jewelry accounts for some of the most stunning pieces of art in the world. RIP Kim K’s engagement ring, you are missed, but only people like Kim and Kayne can afford it without losing their house.

And as much as I love a bargain, the cheap jewelry is often made in a way that reflects the price. You wear it twice and it breaks or the jewels fall out and it’s lost its beauty. And if you’re lucky, you keep it together but it starts to lose it’s gold or silver plating and looks dingy. You know what I mean, we all do.

I have tried so many different brands and designers over my 22 years. It has taken me the full 22 years but I have finally narrowed down my favorite brands and places and of course, I am gonna share them with you.




BaubleBar is easily my favorite site to get jewelry. I love everything they make and they are constantly adding new items. It is great for finding trendy jewelry. The prices rarely reach over $100. I also love them because they are constantly collaborating with amazing celebrities and social media influencers. These collections are often unique and different from other things you will see across the fashion world. And luckily for you guys, I have a code to get you 15% off your first order! Just follow this link and create an account. It’s as easy as that and you are on your way to an amazing collection.

Kendra Scott



Kendra Scott creates the most incredible quality jewelry. Quality jewelry often has some weight to it because higher end metals often weigh more than the cheap metals. Every single piece from Kendra Scott has some real weight to it, not too much that it’s heavy but you can feel how well it’s made. Kendra Scott jewelry is very easy to spot, it has a distinct look to it that I love. It consists of clean metals, soft geometric shapes, and colorful stones. It is whimsical and classic and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. And they’re running a sale so hop on those low prices!




If Nordstrom is not a go-to you need to reevaluate. They have done a lot of the hard work for you.  Nordstrom has buyers that go to the designers and decide what jewelry they think is of a quality that meets Nordstrom’s standards. They also have prices that range greater than anything else I have talked about and a HUGE selection. The hidden gem of Nordstrom is Nordstrom Rack. Go to the Rack store or site and you will find all the same designers at lower prices! And they’ve got options on options.

Kate Spade



If you don’t know about my obsession with Kate Spade you must be new, and if you are HELLO GORGEOUS! I talk all about Kate Spade’s spring collection in my A Moroccan Daydream // Kate Spade New York Spring Collection 2017. Kate Spade is one of the most perfectly balanced jewelry lines. It is the perfect balance of classicly simple and colorfully fun. I mean, after all, their slogan is “live colorfully” so they own that brand and they crush it. It is a little more expensive but it is absolutely worth it. And they do watches as good as the best of them, I like the watches because they keep the silhouette the same but change up the face to fit the collection. And they always have a watch or two that is so very Pop Fizz Drink because there are little champagne flutes on it. It’s to die for. S/o Kate Spade, love ya!

J. Crew



If you do not think J. Crew when you think classic with a twist you need to get it together. J. Crew used to be strictly classic timeless and sometimes a too simple but they have always made amazing pieces. In recent years they have pushed beyond that classic look. They have started to integrate more modern and trendy pieces. I love J. Crew because while they are moving toward the trendy, they’ve been able to keep that classic feel. This reigns true for their jewelry. It is different from what everyone has but will always look beautiful and will always feel classic.

Jewelry is like the makeup of your outfit. It should be used to make an outfit better not to distract from it but that is just my personal opinion. If you wanna go wild, you should go balls to the wall. I won’t stop you from ever living your style dream. Jewelry is something that is often a last minute addition to my outfits so I try to keep mine a little simpler. That way it doesn’t add time to my routine. Trust me, getting out of the door in the morning has always been a struggle, just ask my mother. Let your jewelry be exactly what you want it to be.

I hope this has helped you find some new places and new pieces. If you know of any great sites or brands let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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    Love them all! xo

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    oooooo I love BaubleBar I’ve never heard of it! I will definitely be using your 15% off deal!

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