A Moroccan Day Dream // The Kate Spade New York Spring 2017 Collection


Fashion week New York is off and running, and Kate Spade has done it again. Their Spring 2017 Collection is better than I could’ve dreamed because the whole collection is like a Moroccan daydream.

Kate Spade released their spring collection in a see now buy now show. Meaning as soon as the show started the collection was released and is available on their website now.

It’s incredible, the collection was inspired by their president and chief creative officer, Deborah Lloyd’s trip to Morocco.  The trip inspired everything from the colors to the details on every piece. Inspired collections can often feel kitschy but Kate Spade has managed to do it beautifully.

The pieces are colorful without being over the top. The strongest colors in the collection are pinks, blacks, and nudes. These are all accented by oranges, yellows, and blues. The accents are more than just colors, the entire collection features roses, monkeys, camels, and snakes, like those Deborah Lloyd saw in the market places and squares of Morocco.

The collection is huge and I don’t really think you can go wrong with any single piece but let’s look at a few of my favorites from the show.

My absolute favorite piece from the collection is hands down The Tassel Backpack Sunhat.

Have you ever seen something so cute in your life?! It’s a hat with convertible tassels that can be tucked away, left hanging down, or be used as straps that make the hat then becomes a backpack. Just imagine walking to the beach on your island vacation with your wallet, phone, and sunscreen tucked nicely away in this adorable hat. Goals.

Basset Lane Emaline



We’re talking Kate Spade here, how can I not talk about a bag. The Basset Lane Emaline is the stunning. It’s Morrocan inspired embellishments are just enough to make it feel Moroccan without ever going out of style. Maroon is a great color for a bag because it is different from, black or brown, but is very neutral. This bag will look beautiful long after spring, it’ll look great with sweaters in the fall and the metal details will be a great addition to any holiday look.

Zandra Dress



Kate Spade has done so well making this collection strongly themed but so wearable. The Zandra Dress is the most beautiful example of this.  The lace appliqué flowers pull into the Moroccan motif but the simple design allows the dress to be wearable no matter what your sense of style is. This dress can be worn for many occasions and is fun and flirty at all ages.

Pretty Poms Tassel Statement Earrings



These earrings do make a statement, to say the least. If you watched the show then you will know almost everyone was wearing these. They are a big, bold earrings, but bold women wear bold earrings. They are daring but simple, black and gold, they will add flair to so many outfits. Mark my word these earrings are going to be everywhere this spring and you will be kicking yourself for not getting a pair.

Holland Watch



One of my favorite things that Kate Spade does is continuously update their classic Holland watch with incredibly intricate faces. And they pulled out all the stops for the Spring collection. An enchanting design adorns the face of this beauty. This watch is eye catching and I need it. This is a great piece to add to a simple outfit to make it special.

Kate Spades is famous for being able to make collections that are whimsical and colorful yet still classic and neutral. They are able to create pieces that bring out the kid in our hearts without feeling like were dressed like a toddler. Their Moroccan inspiration will make you feel like you are on vacation whether you are lying on the beach or behind a desk. The Kate Spade New York Spring 2017 collection is really a sight to see. And you may want to snatch it up before someone else does. Now if you need me I will be searching for coins in the couch so I can buy as much has possible.

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  1. Debby Anderson says: Reply

    Such a different direction for Kate. I almost feel like it’s more Tory Burch. Lovely, just the same! xo

  2. Christine Mahood Gleason says: Reply

    Love the watch!

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