My Perfect Spring Clothing Wishlist 2017

One weekend in the 50s and I’m ready for spring. I miss the sun and being able to leave the house without preparing for the tundra. I’m ready for St. Patricks Day and Cinco de Mayo, Easter and Mother’s Day. I’m also ready to enjoy going outside again. And oh my god, think of the brunch. Spring is so European and I’m here for it.

Right now is the perfect time to start looking at spring clothes. Not only will you be able to find inspiration for your spring wardrobe but you may be able to look at your winter clothes in new ways and find new outfits with what you already have. I love spring clothes because they so closely resemble what everyone loves about spring. They are light, bright, and colorful. We have to worry less about the function of an outfit and more about the fashion.

After hours of searching endless stores website’s and live streaming fashion shows, I am ready to announce my spring wishlist for 2017. I have felt inspired by light fabrics and classic shapes so much lately. You can clearly see that this is a trend in the pieces I chose. They all have a careless easy vibe to them and I love the way they are going to look put together.¬†These pieces are beautiful and will be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

The Denim Skirt



I have always loved a denim skirt. They are so underrated. With a t-shirt and wedges, a flowy blouse and some heels, or a crew neck and high tops. A denim skirt is so versatile and so fun. To me, a denim skirt screams spring concerts and running around the city. They’re easy and perfect for everything spring. This one features metal stud detailing along the seams and hems, because of this detail the skirt is set apart from the countless other, which is why I need it.

The Off the Shoulder



This top is off the shoulder and ruffles, I want you to tell me if you have ever seen something that screams outdoor brunch more than this! Both off the shoulder and ruffles are huge right now. With warm weather comes drinking mimosas in the morning sun and nothing makes me happier than that. With jeans or shorts and some gorgeous sunglasses, this will look so cute. This top is the ultimate Instagram opportunity and I love it.

The Chambray Shirt



I don’t even think I have to explain this one. Maybe I am biased because I’m born and raised in New England but a chambray shirt is easily one of the most important items in my and in any spring wardrobe. Whether it’s with a bright skirt on Easter, linen pants at the beach, or white jeans for a night out, you will feel as light and springy as you wait to feel all winter. This shirt has been a classic in people wardrobe for years, this is a good piece to invest in because it will never go out of style.

The Wedding Guest Dress



Spring is synonymous for 2 things rain and weddings. Finding a wedding guest dress isn’t always the easiest thing but this dress is perfect, it is whimsical and light. It’s perfect for toasting and dancing well into the night. And the tie waist is flattering on everyone and especially comfortable. The light fabric is great for hot afternoons but, the length will keep you warm as the temperature drops in the evening. Not that you’ll notice, the champagne usually numbs you from the chill anyway.

The Wedge



The spring essential that I always have the hardest time finding is the wedge, and I hate it. Because if you didn’t know wedges were a spring essential, honey, you live under a rock. I love wedges but I can never find a pair that I want. But these don’t cause me to have that problem because they are truly gorgeous shoes. I love the way the ankle strap comes out of the shoe organically. The espadrille heel and warm brown leather will look great with spring colors and all sorts of activities.

The Sunglasses



I am a lover of dramatic sunglasses, the bigger and bolder they are the happier I am. But there are exceptions to all rules. I am still a lover of all things simple and chic. I like these round black sunglasses not only because they have a trendy but classic feel to them but because they can add a bit of edge back to a soft spring outfit. They also can help with the one downside to spring… the bright ass sun when you’re hungover.

Winter came and I’m over it. Winter is beautiful and quiet but Spring is bright, fresh, and new. It’s warm, magical, and inspirational. It’s brunch, concerts, weddings, and a little bit of swimsuit season panic but that’s okay. And thank god it’s coming because I can’t take much more of this cold. It’s almost time to shed your layers and embrace the sun, but don’t forget your sunscreen. The earth is coming back to life and so am I.

I have so many plans for this spring already and I can’t wait to share these incredible experiences with you.

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  1. Christine Mahood Gleason says: Reply

    I love the shopbop site!!

  2. Debby says: Reply

    I think I have those wedges!

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