Vibes // Kendall Jenner’s Effortlessly Chic Life

If Kendall Jenner isn’t my top Instagram search than Beyoncé must have just announced she’s having twins.

Kendall Jenner has mastered the art of effortlessly chic. She has cultivated more than an iconic look but a lifestyle. And one that seems to come with no effort at all. Her life is a dream that she allows us glances looks into.

With one look at her Instagram, her her style becomes clear. Simple pieces in neutral tones allow her true beauty to take center stage. She epitomizes the off-duty model look and has landed the perfect balance between it-girl and timeless beauty.

Though we don’t all have that KUWTK money, her style can be introduced into any life quicker than someone can report Kendall for flashing a nipple on Instagram.

The Hair

thank you to Kendall Jenner's instagram

While many of her sisters change their hairstyle more than most people change their socks, Kendall stays true to the few she loves.

Her top knot has become a signature to her look. And thank god. A top knot is one of the easiest hairstyles. It’s as simple as gather all your hair, wrap it around itself, and secure.

Now to get it more like Kendall’s you’re going to need a little texturizing spray to get the messy hold her’s sports. Spray it all over and throw it up. Don’t worry too much about messing it up, the more relaxed the better, it’s meant to be living in.

When her hair isn’t wrapped up on her head, it’s dancing around her shoulders in undone waves. This requires a little more effort but honestly not much. All you have to do is wrap 1-inch sections of hair around a medium barrel.

Once you’ve done this just mess it up a bit. My favorite way to do this is to flip my whole head over, shake it out, then ass a little salt spray, and give it a scrunch. When you flip your head back over you will have beautiful soft waves.

Her hair is always ready for on the go. Foolproof.



The Makeup

  all photos from Kendall Jenner's Instagram

Kendall Jenner is one of the most beautiful people on the planet so she really doesn’t need much makeup. But being constantly in the spotlight she is always wearing it, even if it looks like she isn’t.

She always looks fresh faced and well rested even in the most hectic times of her life. She enhances her features and does no more.

You will rarely see Kendall without a strong brow, or full lashes, these are the spotlight of her look. She, of course, brightens her under eye because who wants to look as though they haven’t slept in 3 weeks. Then adds a subtle contour to the cheeks and forehead. She obviously doesn’t need much with cheekbones sculpted by the gods.

She doesn’t add much color. Nothing that is over the top, it is simple and easy. It will look good on everyone and not take much time.



The Colors


Kendall is a queen of simplicity. She likes neutral colors, nothing too bright outside of shoots.

You will see her in navy, orange, white, and black more than anything else. And you will rarely see her in a pattern off the runway, and if you do it is often stripes, the simplest of all the patterns.

She likes a strong color that doesn’t overpower but compliments her beauty. She has learned what colors complement her skin tone best and she wears them more than any other. By understanding what looks best on her she is able to look her best at all times.

KSLK, keep it simple like Kendall is becoming the overarching theme if you hadn’t yet noticed. This simple wardrobe works well for her because she is constantly running around, by owning simple clothes you are able to throw an outfit together without much thought.

The timelessly beautiful do not rely on a flashy color to pull the spotlight.



The Style


Shockingly enough Kendall keeps it simple in her style as well, but this is where she releases the most of her creativity.

She keeps her shapes and silhouettes simple but plays with other aspects of the outfit. She tries different fabrics, like mesh and silk. And finds ways to bring new relevance to her outfits. Kendall isn’t afraid to try anything. She is willing to bare it all in a bodysuit or wear a red heart-shaped fur jacket.

She sports trends while staying true to the fashions that have stood the test of time.

One of my favorite aspects of Kendall’s style is her choice in jewelry and in accessories. She often favors a dainty necklace or two and some studs, she doesn’t drown an outfit in sparkle. She adheres to the idea that a piece of jewelry is not supposed to overpower an outfit but pull it together. And the rest of her accessories are like her clothing, neutral and classic.

Simple, simple, simple.



The Pose


This is where Kendall rules.

Every single on of her photos looks so cool because of the way she holds herself. Her photos come with an air of uncaring. She seems so comfortable around the camera that she is able to just live in front of it.

You can tell who she is because she lets it shine through in the photos she posts. She is relaxed, she doesn’t look like she is trying to look her best because she knows she will. She looks calm and collected.

Don’t be so stiff, just be. Your photos will come out amazing if you relax.

Kendall also uses what is around her. She takes photos of her reflections of mirrors with no shame because it looks cool. She starts trends because she does what she like not because she does what everyone else does.

If she likes it, she posts it. Do the same, it’s your Instagram, let it look how you want.



Kendall Jenner’s style is very simple. It is easy, classic, and flattering. She keeps things new while paying homage to the great fashion. She epitomizes the fashion world and all it has to offer. You do not need millions to style yourself like Kendall, you just need to dress a little simpler and live a little bolder.

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